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When You Need Expert Help Call the Web Genius

Your worry: Finding new customers. We’ll optimize your site to bring visitors you didn’t even know were out there. We’ll also provide metrics, so you'll know your website performs.

Your worry: Your server crashes—all the time. Comstar servers have averaged 99.9 percent uptime annually over the life of our company.

Your worry: Some fly-by-night outfit in an industry that changes overnight will rip you off. We’ve been here for 18 years, which makes us the Farmers Almanac of web firms. (We’re so old-school we have a postal address.)

Please give us a call to get started. You can utilize everything, one thing—or some things. But be warned: a real, live human will answer the call. And they won’t be condescending, no matter what your question.

Go worry about your business. We’ll take care of your website.

Our Vision

Our vision is creating assets that empower businesses to reach their clients – anywhere.

How a company describes itself can give you a good idea of how they will work with you to help you accomplish your business goals.  Sharing our vision, mission, and culture is the first step in building lasting relationships with our clients as we work together to build online assets for them.  We are committed to the principles expressed on this page.

Our Mission

Comstar is a team of talented, committed, and client-focused people who always strive to be trusting and trustworthy, building relationships with our clients, our vendors, and each other through open and honest dialog and actions.

We are in the business of improving the bottom line of our clients’ businesses. We are internet specialists who use our expertise to create websites that can truly become assets for our clients. To be considered an asset the site must be both useful and used, for it is not good enough to have something useful that is unused, or useless that people are using.

Therefore we first create something useful and then we work to get people to use it.

Comstar clients, whether small, medium, or large businesses will all have a desire to have us help them achieve a valuable online presence. They are looking for, understand, and appreciate the value we provide.

Our obligation to our clients, in return, is to empower their business online. We do not simply say “yes” to their desires, but rather work for their success. We believe that our growth is tied to the success of our clients so we use our expertise to guide them forward in the manner most optimal for their success.

Our Culture

1. Commitment:  I am committed to the Vision, Mission, and Culture of Comstar. I am committed to the business, my teammates, and our clients at all times.

2. Expertise:  I have special talents that enable me to fulfill my role at Comstar. My expertise is a benefit for the company, my teammates, and our clients.

3. Honesty I always speak the truth. I deliver what I promise. I only make agreements with myself and others that I intend to keep. This honesty is the cornerstone of healthy relationships. If an agreement is broken, or breaking, I communicate the problems and strive to resolve in a timely manner.

4. Client-focus:  I understand that my role at Comstar empowers me to take care of our clients. Without clients there is no business.  Furthermore, Comstar’s growth depends upon the growth of our clients’ businesses. So I am focused on their success.

5. Ownership:  I am the only one responsible for my actions and outcomes. Only I can be in charge of what happens in my work and my life.  I am accountable for my results and know that any change I desire must start with me.

6. Excellence:  I understand that a good job isn’t good enough. I always deliver exceptional quality to both Comstar clients and Comstar staff. I always look to improve my approach, my processes, and my output at every opportunity.

7. Collaboration:  I am a team player and a team leader. I do whatever it takes to achieve team goals. I work with my teammates and clients to plan and implement the best solutions. I focus on cooperation and strive for successful resolution of issues. I ask for help when I need it and I am compassionate to others who ask me.

8. Resources:  I value and respect client, vendor, and company resources through responsible utilization and practices. Resources include others time and money as well as natural and environmental resources. I use only what I need and recycle when appropriate.

9. Consistency:  I am consistent in my actions so that our clients and my teammates can feel comfortable in dealing with me at all times.  I am  disciplined in my work so that my results, growth, and success are consistent.

10. Fun:  I view my life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated. Therefore I create an atmosphere of fun and happiness so that everyone around me can enjoy it as well.

11. Gratitude:  I am a grateful person. I say thank-you and show appreciation often and in many ways. Those around me know how much I appreciate everything and everyone I have in my life. I celebrate my wins and the wins of my clients and teammates.

12. Success:  I am focused on success. My thoughts, energy, and attention are aimed at the successful outcome of everything I do. I am willing to win and allow others to win at the same time. I display my competence and confidence in everything. I am proud of my work. I work for the success of our clients’ businesses and for the success of Comstar. 


For over 19 years, Comstar has been recognized as a leader receiving the following awards:

  • Top Milwaukee Workplaces Winner -The Business Journal
  • Top Ten Small Business of the Year -Waukesha County Chamber of Commerce
  • Top 20 List for Internet Service Providers for multiple years -The Business Journal
  • Award of Excellence, 4th Annual StoreFront eBusiness – Best Business to Consumer Category -LaGarde, Inc.

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Search Engine Optimization

The first and probably most important of the six ways of getting visitors to your site - get your site listed on Google and the other search engines!

Email & Anti-Spam

We provide full-service hosting of your email and our own spam filter for maximum protection.  We can pre-filter mail bound for your own exchange server, too.

Responsive Web Design

If your out-dated website does not perform equally well on a pc, a tablet and a smart phone you are losing as much as 50% of your audience.  We can help.

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