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Will Google Declare Your Website UNSAFE? Comstar Can Help Avoid This.

As you most likely have heard, Google is very close to releasing version 56 of its Chrome browser. Chrome is used by 73.7% of all web users, so this will affect all websites because one of the new features in Chrome identifies unsecure websites.

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Google released this statement late on Tuesday, January 17, 2017: "Chrome 56 will include the text "Not secure" in the location bar on non-SSL websites where a page contains a password field or credit card input field. This is a fine example of a visual indication in the location bar that helps secure users".

If your primary website and other websites you may have already has an SSL certificate you may ignore this message. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, Comstar highly recommends adding an SSL certificate before the end of January to avoid Google Chrome labeling your site as "Not Secure". Google Chrome 56 will consider any website as "Not Secure" if it collects passwords or credit card information on sites that do not have an SSL installed. An SSL assures a visitor that your site is secure as it displays HTTPS in the address bar along with the lock icon. Here is what Google Chrome will display without and with an SSL certificate:

The "not secure" Google label will take effect in January

Not Secure

Sites with SSL Certificates will remain labeled as secure


The advantages of an SSL certificate include:

  1. Ensures website visitors that your site encrypts data such as passwords, purchases and sensitive form data.
  2. Shows an HTTPS label and the lock icon to quickly identify the website as being secure.
  3. Prevents your website from being labeled as "Not Secure" by Google.
  4. Gives your website a minor Google ranking boost.

We can help...

Comstar is prepared to add the standard basic level of SSL encryption to your website so that your visitors will not be deterred from visiting your site, for an annual cost of $99 (which includes the SSL certificate and installation).

To order your SSL please complete the simple online order form on this page. No payment is needed now; you will be billed later.

We suggest you do not delay. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis and we are anticipating a large response from the hundreds of websites we host. We want to be sure your site is ready for the January 31, 2017 release of Google's Chrome 56 browser.

Call Comstar today at 262-953-6000 for answers to your questions.

At your service,

The Comstar Team

Standard SSL Order Form

Use this simple order form to add an SSL to your website (or multiple SSLs on multiple sites), ensuring that your site shows as a safe site to web visitors. 



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