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Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Web Design

The web development business and the fashion industry have something in common, though you might not think so if you saw how the average programmer dresses.

What is the commonality between fashion and web design?

Trends. If you don’t like the latest style—or a new web development “must have”—wait a year and it will be gone.

But sometimes a “trend” becomes permanent—and ultimately becomes a necessity. Then we need to adjust.

So when Responsive Web Design (RWD) was first discussed, we looked at the concept critically.  After quite a bit of analysis, we determined that it’s often a good fit for our customers.  But today, a single, mobile-friendly website is more than a good fit, it is necessary if you want your website to appear higher in search results on cell phones.

Do you need a mobile-friendly, responsive website?  With the increasing use of cell phones and tablets to search the web, more and more visitors will be unable to easily find websites in search results on these devices.  The question really is: How can you afford not to have a mobile-friendly website?

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Google now considers RWD and mobile-friendly as a huge plus and gives extreme precedence to websites that deliver a responsive experience, meaning more traffic for your site, too!

RWD ensures your website is viewed the way you intended, no matter what device—iPad, cell phone, desktop computer or a thousand others—is used to access the site. How your site is viewed is a key determinant on whether it is, in fact, used.

Devices used to access websites are changing. At one time it was a computer—period. But industry experts say 50 percent of all visitors some day will use a device other than a laptop to access a website.

When do the experts say that “some day” will come? In 2014.

For an in-depth look at Responsive Web Design you can read more by downloading our FREE white paper at the top of this page, take a look at some examples on the Responsive Web Design tab in our Web Design Portfolio, and call today for an appointment.

Call us today at 262.953.6000 for a conversation regarding whether you need RWD.

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