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Ever notice that the really good sports teams, or performers, or even businesses, almost always excel at the basics?

Sure, they might do some fancy stuff--but not before they've mastered the fundamentals. And if you peel away the layers, you always see that solid foundation beneath it all.

That's the approach Comstar takes with all our services, and email is no different. We make sure we deliver the basics first, and then we'll help provide other extra services you might need.

With email, the "basics" means making sure what you send gets there, and what others send gets to you.

Yes, very basic. But you might be surprised how many new customers switch to us because their existing service doesn't "deliver," pardon the expression.

What does Comstar provide in terms of email service?

  1. Reliability. Our servers are up 99.9 percent of the time, literally, so your basic needs are being met day and night.
  2. Protection from spam. You don't want spam and the inefficiencies it brings. We can help you dramatically reduce what makes its way through.
  3. Protection from viruses. If spam is a misdemeanor, viruses are felonies. Viruses can maim and even kill a business, and they often reach victims via email. Our services stop them at the door. (You'll never even know they were knocking.)
  4. Expanded capabilities. Of course email isn't simply a gateway for undesirables. It also helps deliver your message. We can help you set up list servers, which allow you to efficiently reach recipients without being targeted as spam.
  5. An ability to work remotely. Your email can be reached anywhere you have online access. We also can make the email work on phones, tablets and other platforms if we host your site.
  6. An ability to work on multiple email platforms. You can choose from a number of interfaces/providers, such as Outlook.
  7. A professional look. Even the basic communications--especially the basic communications--need to look professional. We'll help you customize, and professionalize, the look of your emails.
  8. Flexibility. We can provide flexible mailbox size quotas. Additional email accounts also are available.
  9. Customized service. We will provide whatever level of service you need. Some customers use us for email but not other services, such as hosting. That's fine with us. Any way we can help!

Call us today at 262.953.6000 and we'll start, basically, delivering for you.

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