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Superior Anti-Spam and Virus Filtering

Does your Inbox always fill up with spam?  Does it seem that spammers are targeting your organization?  Are viruses invading your company's digital world via your email? 

Sorry to say, but you're right... and that's why Comstar offers a superior solution to solve your email security problems.  Our Advanced Spam & Virus Filter service is sure to be the right fit for your organization - whether Comstar hosts your email or you have your own MS Exchange Server - starting at $2.00 per month per email account.

Comstar's Advanced filter can even provide email continuity by automatically queuing your email if your email server is unavailable for whatever reason.  The filter can be used to compose, reply, and forward messages during any outage and will automatically release mail to your Inbox when the email server is back online.

Our Advanced filter has an add-on email archive feature for all of your email, helpful in legal cases or for compliance purposes.  Your choice of 1 or 10 year archival time period.

Read more about Comstar's Advanced Spam & Virus filter.

Contact us today to start getting the best possible peace of mind for your email (and your business).

Responsive Web Design

If your out-dated website does not perform equally well on a pc, a tablet and a smart phone you are losing as much as 50% of your audience.  We can help.

Search Engine Optimization

The first and probably most important of the six ways of getting visitors to your site - get your site listed on Google and the other search engines!

Content / Blog Writing

What you say and how you say it are two keys to online success, with carefully crafted copy that satisfies your human audience and the search engines.

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