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The SFR is A-OK                  

All right, most of our customers have never heard of our SONET fiber ring and its redundant and continual connectivity. (Insert yawn here.) Still, all of our web hosting customers benefit from it.

Their websites are busy finding new customers. In fact some prospects are on our customers’ sites right now, evaluating and maybe even making a transaction. These visits and transactions are possible because our servers are always online — in part because of (you guessed it) the SONET fiber ring.

So yes, the SFR (you can call it that too) provides the reliability that means not a single visitor is turned away. Carry the thought a step further and you see the SFR actually helps our customers make money. (Stop yawning here.)

You probably want to back up for a second … Did we say, “always online?”

Yes. During our 19 years in business, our hosting servers have been up 99.9-plus percent of the time. Is that “always”? You decide. It sure sounds an awful lot like “always” to some of the customers who are switching over to Comstar.

Convinced? Wait—there’s more. Comstar customers also:

  • Benefit from personal, friendly customer support 24/7
  • Have a source for reliable information about website hosting strategies
  • Can take advantage of our other services, including proven ways of attracting customers to their sites

Of course none of that matters if your site isn’t up and running. Yours will be because of the SONET fiber ring and the natural gas generator backup system.

Oh yeah, we have one of those, too. But we rarely have a chance to talk about that backup system to our customers. When we start explaining it, most of them say, “Stop. You had me at SONET fiber ring.”

Call us at 262.953.6000 to talk about the SONET fiber ring, natural gas generator backup system—or even something that interests you. (Maybe reliability, or making money.)

Responsive Web Design

If your out-dated website does not perform equally well on a pc, a tablet and a smart phone you are losing as much as 50% of your audience.  We can help.

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Content / Blog Writing

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