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Let your website do the follow-up for you!

Auto-responding usually involves sending a number of pre-determined messages at specific time intervals. (As compared to email blasting, which is a way to reach a broad audience with a single message.)

How does auto-responding work? Let’s say you own a car dealership and you just made a sale. You might send a “thank you” message a week later. Then, at 30 days, that customer might receive an auto-respond message reminding them to send in warranty information. Maybe at 60 days there is an auto-respond message about a discount on an oil change.

While that is occurring, a new customer just bought a car. They are receiving the “thank you” message—at about the same time another customer is being alerted to the oil change discount.

So … All clients get the same messages, but not at the same time.

The benefits go beyond sending information.

  • None of your clients fall through the cracks. You set the email schedule at the time of sale and the Comstar system takes it from there. You don’t have to track (and maybe forget) who is scheduled to receive which email this week.
  • You create each of the messages once, and are done with them.
  • You can easily add another message anywhere you like in the sequence.
  • You’re keeping in touch and showing you care about that client, even after the sale.
  • You’re reaching clients who might have questions, helping you address any problems early—before they become real trouble.
  • The system includes a “Send this email to a friend” link, helping to spread your name around to others.
  • The system is very user-friendly. Comstar will train you, and get you started, but you can handle most of the process yourself. (If you prefer, of course, we’ll handle everything.)

Wondering what to say, and how to say it? We can help with that, too. Call us at 262.953.6000 and we’ll help you spread the news.
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