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Paid Placement

All businesses pay to find customers, whether they’re running an ad during the Super Bowl or printing a sign for their office door. It’s just a matter of how much they’re paying.

Creating a website is an example of paying to find customers. Many businesses take those e-efforts a step further with Paid Placement, also known as Pay Per Click—PPC for short.

Paid Placement is a form of advertisement for your website. You’ve probably seen PPC ads pop up after a keyword search. A small ad with a link to a site appears in the “sponsored links” section. A PPC ad also might appear on the content pages of related websites, and even Social Media sites such as Facebook.

The bottom line: You’re paying to have your ad appear when someone conducts a specific search.

The ads can target keywords, subject matter, or even demographics. A key advantage of PPC is that you only have to pay when the viewer clicks your ad. That means you’re not taking on expenses that don’t have at least some chance of bringing business.

PPC also helps you attract visitors NOW. Ads can be designed, created and posted quickly, and the responses are immediate.

Paid Placement is most beneficial when you:

  • Need immediate traffic for a sale, promotion, or conversion testing
  • Want to change the site visiting patterns seasonally
  • Want to utilize a keyword phrase that is overcrowded in terms of SEO
  • Clearly understand your lead generation costs
  • Want to set a dollar amount not to be exceeded

Are you ready for the visitors?

Our PPC campaigns evaluate who is visiting, what they’re looking at—and what converts a visit into a transaction. We have good ideas going into the processes because of our experience. We’ll use that and some tracking data to help you understand the relationship between cost per click and resulting revenue.

We design stand-alone paid placement ad campaigns for some clients. Others want us to help ensure they have a site that is ready to engage and convert these newfound visitors, and we’re glad to offer them a more comprehensive package, too.

Call Comstar at 262.953.6000 or contact us to start your PPC campaign. You’ll see more visitors—guaranteed!

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