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Social Media

Your message doesn’t have to be confined to your website, or even your blog. It can be shared on Social Media as well.

Most people think of Facebook when the term “Social Media” surfaces—or LinkedIn, Twitter, or even others. Social Media typically is a less formal setting to share your message.

Social Media has many benefits.

  • Outsiders often can comment, and their support of your business adds credibility.
  • Most Social Media is free.
  • In some retail businesses, Social Media can be used to fill dead time. For example, restaurants have had success promoting special offers if someone visits NOW. Or oil change businesses with a lull can Tweet (or post on Facebook), “$10 oil change for anyone who arrives before 5.”

The art of conversation

Social Media is considered “conversational” because of the comments and casual feel. That can be good, but it also can lead to the same issues as one might see in an actual dialogue.

  • Sometimes people say mean stuff—and they don’t always tell the truth, either. That can be unfair and bad for business.
  • Talking too much—babbling—bores those around you. They begin to tune you out.
  • Not saying enough doesn’t create much of an impression.


Comstar can help you negotiate these pitfalls. It comes back to fresh content and a focused message.

Ready for engaging, positive conversations? We can help you get started. Give us a call today at 262.953.6000.

Content / Blog Writing

What you say and how you say it are two keys to online success, with carefully crafted copy that satisfies your human audience and the search engines.

Responsive Web Design

If your out-dated website does not perform equally well on a pc, a tablet and a smart phone you are losing as much as 50% of your audience.  We can help.

Web & Colocation Hosting

Making the right choice for your secure data storage solution can mean many restful nights. Let us work with you to find the right solution for your hosting needs.

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