Will Google Declare Your Website UNSAFE? Comstar Can Help Avoid This

Google released this statement late on Tuesday, January 17, 2017: “Chrome 56 will include the text “Not secure” in the location bar on non-SSL websites where a page contains a password field or credit card input field. This is a fine example of a visual indication in the location bar that helps secure users".

Read more about what Comstar is doing to prepare websites for the newest version of the popular browser used by nearly 75% of pc and Apple users today, scheduled to be released on January 31, 2017.

It's not just your website — it's your online asset

Business can get complicated. But we can make at least one part—the creation of an online asset—easy for you.

What’s an online asset? Our definition is simple but proven.

An online asset is a website that is useful in design and function and gets used by people looking for what you offer.

“Useful” means customers take the action you want, whether making a transaction, leaving behind an e-mail, signing up for a newsletter or … just about anything else you deem appropriate.

The site also must be useful to customers. They must see value in visiting and spending time there, or they will move on. Your website design is essential, combining the look and feel with the function you want.  Comstar’s web developers can deliver a mobile-friendly site that fits your business or organization's online vision .

What about the “used” part of the equation? At the most basic level, it means visitors find it. That discovery can be made through a variety of efforts, from search engine optimization to email campaigns to social media.

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Find customers, and then encourage them to take the action you want. Of course there are a few steps along the way that increase the likelihood of being useful and used, which is where we come in.

Where is your business in terms of creating an online asset? Some businesses are built solely around online assets. Others might just be discovering the benefits they can bring.

Wherever you are in the online process, whether in design and development or in driving traffic with search engine optimization and email campaigns, we can help ensure your website isn’t sitting idly by while other business development efforts do the heavy lifting.

Contact us at our Waukesha, WI offices at 262.953.6000 to find out how to make your website useful and used—in other words, how to create an online asset.

Website Design & SEO:

They go hand-in-hand

Useful Websites

Your web asset must be useful, responsive and mobile-friendly to your targeted visitors.  We design websites that meet your online goals to grow your business and further your organization.

Used Websites

Let us show you six ways to increase your website traffic.  No matter how useful, well-designed or beautiful a website is, your investment won't reach its full potential if you don't get it used.
Register Your Domain

Search confidentially for domain availability and register your chosen domain through our convenient online service with secure payment by credit card.

Email & Anti-Spam

We provide full-service hosting of your email and our own spam filter for maximum protection.  We can pre-filter mail bound for your own exchange server, too.

Responsive Web Design

If your out-dated website does not perform equally well on a pc, a tablet and a smart phone you are losing as much as 50% of your audience.  We can help.

Search Engine Optimization

The first and probably most important of the six ways of getting visitors to your site - get your site listed on Google and the other search engines!

Content / Blog Writing

What you say and how you say it are two keys to online success, with carefully crafted copy that satisfies your human audience and the search engines.

Web & Colocation Hosting

Making the right choice for your secure data storage solution can mean many restful nights. Let us work with you to find the right solution for your hosting needs.

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